Attention-driven tests of mental functioning

We are commercializing a touchscreen battery to assess mental functioning. Our innovations in human-computer interaction enable exceptionally accurate and accessible testing of reflexive, cognitive, and emotional dimensions. The associated objective reports are akin to complete blood counts but for mental dimensions with an initial focus on people with brain injury, such as concussion. Personalized interventions based on MindFind reports and clinical evaluations will improve patient outcomes and lower societal costs.

After finding 92.8%-95.8% accuracy in case-control studies, we are now pursuing larger validation studies.


Software Developers — we want more of you! Join an inter-disciplinary team whose mission is to improve intervention decisions for people with emotional and cognitive symptoms. Your day-to-day activities will focus on developing a novel test battery based on visual stimuli and touch responses. We are open to candidates with diverse backgrounds, from graduating students to seasoned professionals.

Ideal Character

  • Open-minded
  • Self-motivated
  • Team-friendly
  • Responsible

Ideal Experience

  • Software startups
  • Unity/Godot, tablet apps
  • Python, PostgreSQL
  • Eye tracking, machine learning


We focus on deliverables and timeframes, so your schedule and work environment would be flexible.

  • Location: anywhere USA
  • Scope: part-time => full-time
  • Compensation: cash and equity


Email us two paragraphs describing your motivation and qualifications along with a one-page resume.