EyePredict is pleased to announce the licensing of its ecommerce solution to an international web merchant that's been in business since the 1990s. This achievement was made possible thanks to the extraordinary risk-taking and hard work of our investors & staff coupled with strong support from customers & providers.

The history page includes vintage demonstrations of the EyePredict technology in the context of evaluating and enhancing visual engagement.

Our growing team is now applying the EyePredict technology to improve behavioral health & music making. Email info (at) to stay informed of major news, such as product launches.

Career Opportunities

EyePredict is a good fit for certain personalities: curious, driven, responsible, team-friendly, and risk-tolerant. We get things done fast while enabling our people to learn from mistakes and personalize their environment. Our DevOps studs and studettes love Linux, PostgreSQL, Python, SciPy, AJAX, Git, Vagrant, AWS, and Slack. Relevant sub-specialties include eye tracking, machine learning, and music analyses.

To get started, email a one-page resume with a brief cover letter about your motivation & qualifications to careers (at)