About the Company

EyePredict improves shopping experiences by enhancing visual attention. Scientific evidence shows that visual attention is context-dependent and not well predicted by "one-size-fits-all" rules. Nonetheless, it is commonly assumed that merchandising displays trigger fixed viewing patterns, such as top-left to bottom-right. Shoppers are thus often exposed to cluttered displays that fail to attract their attention to the most relevant products. Our software-as-a-service solutions make relevant products stand out by changing display layouts based on attention predictions. The EyePredict technology is powered by predictive attention models based on neuroscience research. It has been used to increase consumer response both offline and online, as validated by commercial tests involving millions of behavioral data points. These tests were funded by a Fortune 500 customer that later offered to license our technology and a Small Business Innovation & Research award from the National Science Foundation.

The Founder of EyePredict, Ran Carmi, previously served as software engineer and product manager in other B2B companies before they went public or were acquired (NYSE: DOX, NASDAQ: JCDA, WebTrac). In academia, Ran earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience (USC), published oft-cited articles, and won the Best Paper award at a major international conference in the field (Eye Tracking Research & Applications). Ran also led technology commercialization at Caltech, where he recruited our R&D team.

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