Software Stud/ettes (Anywhere USA)
Job Description:

We are seeking software developers to join our ecommerce and health teams. Our neuroscience-based technologies are being used to improve shopping experiences and test behavioral disorders. We have attracted both private and public funding sources, including Small Business Innovation & Research awards from the National Science Foundation.

You will be free to determine your work environment and schedule. Our focus is on deliverables and timelines. We care less about when or where you work as long as you are occasionally available for meetings.

Ideal Personality:
  • Intellectually-curious
  • Self-motivated
  • Team-friendly
  • Responsible

Ideal Qualifications:
  • startups, ecommerce/health
  • Python, AJAX
  • cloud computing, crowdsourcing
  • machine learning, eye tracking

Location: Anywhere USA, HQ in Los Angeles.

Scope: Part-time initially, full-time later.

Compensation: Cash and equity.

Apply: Email a brief cover letter and 1-page resume to
Describe your motivation and why you are the right person for the job.